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Create an atmosphere that is friendly with environment. Decarbonization begins with the selection of the appropriate ecological equipment from Quaydots.

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We are present in key markets such as China, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Peru, and the Middle East, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation across the globe.

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Does your factory have certificates for international standards?

Yes, we are certified by ISO, ABS, CE and CCS Societies, and can apply for all IACS certificates for every product.

Yes, we have our own engineering team who can design based on technical specifications. Products can also be customize according to your needs.

Yes, we have DP world, Yilport, ZPMC, Patrick Terminal etc. in China and world Wide.

We welcome you to visit and inspect our factory, or if you are not available in traveling, we can provided video inspection in our factory and every workshop.

Sure, we can respond any technical solutions within 24 hours. Video online guidance is also available based on your question.

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