2 Units Mobile Hopper And Remote Control Grab Delivery To Peru

project information

location: perú

start day: 23/06

end date 2023/11

QUAYDOTS has successfully delivered two hoppers and two grabs to the port of Peru, with the user being DP WORLD, one of the world’s largest port operators. The two hoppers and two remote-controlled grab supplied this time are both designed to meet the needs of users for unloading materials.

The design of the two hopper equipment is very advanced, adopting a reasonable mechanical concept, equipped with a moving mechanism and a driver’s cab, which can unload materials at different locations. In addition, the bulkheads are also equipped with bulkhead vibrators, which can effectively prevent material accumulation or sliding during transportation. The design of this hopper makes material unloading more efficient, while also ensuring the safe transportation of materials.

In addition to the mobile hopper, QUAYDOTS also provides two remote-controlled grabs for the user. These remote-controlled grabs have a high-precision operating experience, which can quickly and accurately grasp materials, greatly improving the unloading efficiency and accuracy of materials. Meanwhile, the design of the remote-controlled grab also makes operation more convenient and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

During the delivery process, the QUAYDOTS fleet overcame the difficulties of overseas delivery, including transportation, installation, and debugging. They completed all the work on time and with quality, and even delivered the equipment ahead of schedule, receiving recognition and praise from the users. This efficient service and professional technical ability have earned QUAYDOTS a good reputation in the international market.

Overall, the two hoppers and two remote-controlled grabs delivered by QUATDOTS not only meet the needs of users, but also demonstrate QUAYDOTS’s technical strength and service capabilities in the international market. In the future, QUAYDOTS will continue to uphold the concept of “customer first”, continuously innovate and improve products and services, and provide higher quality services and solutions for global users. At the same time, they will continue to pay attention to market demand and industry trends, actively participate in international competition, and continuously enhance their competitiveness and influence.

QUAYDOTS focuses on material handling and conveying technology, providing high-quality loading and unloading equipment such as grab buckets, hoppers, lifting equipment, belt conveyor conveying equipment, etc., serving ports and various industries. We promise to provide customers with efficient and reliable material handling solutions, helping them improve production efficiency and achieve sustainable development.